The Mason And The African Tech Entrepreneur

Today I was traveling by road between Lome and Accra and I was thinking about what I wrote in my last post on "shortcuts" and I saw that even in the middle of the nowhere along the highway there were houses and these houses were built by masons.

Every single house in the world started with a workman digging a hole or making a brick but why are these very valuable and very hardworking men not the richest in the world? I figured that it was because they never see the big picture.

All they do is do what the architect or the foreman tells them to do. They are incapable of organizing themselves into nothing other than unions who bargain for higher wages and not a creative collective force capable of changing their own lives and the lives of others for good.

Are African entrepreneurs like laborers and masons? Each man works for his daily wage and when they come together it is not for any loftier goal than to make more money and is that why you rarely find great masons or great African entrepreneurs??
We are intelligient people and should be able to come up with really more efficient ways or organizing ourselves for maximum productivity and creativity. If we don't do it the foreman will come from China or India then the architect will come from Silicon Valley and we will forever remain labourers.

Something to keep thinking about.