The future of the enterprise, global innovation and brands?

"Not even a perfect selection process could bring together the best talent in the world within a single company"

I read this first sentence from an inflight magazine on the plane from Orly to Barcelona today:

......I added,....not all the money in the world also. 

Collective knowledge is always greater and it is best aggregated through free-will and removal of barriers. That has been the story of the open-source movement and gives insight to the future of global innovation.

Future institutions must realize that the employee/employer model of building institutions is fast becoming as extinct as the carrot and stick model of motivation in management.

Community, social dynamics and experience are far more important factors in motivating people to lend effort to a cause than money or job security. The individual is a repository of "knowledge capital" in which the enterprise is an investor. Each individual can be likened to an enterprise and each person can also create a new enterprise aggregating several other repositories. 

Enabling knowledge to spread virally throughout the enterprise allows this kind of exponential growth to occur the same way we have seen with the open source movement.

As we move rapidly towards service and experience based business models of ensuring customer patronage and loyalty, charity must start from home. The institutions of the future must also live what they sell.

Models like HCL's "Employee First Customers Second"  will become the norm rather than the exception. Disruption must start from within the enterprise before it can as a an entity become an agent of disruption in the marketplace.

A friend +Seyi Taylor wrote a blog post musing about sustainability recently and after thinking it through, I remembered the basis of Nassim Nicholas Talebs book "Black Swan". I realized that the only way to create sustainable institutions is to continuously become the disruptor rather than the disrupted. Disruption can only be woven into the fabric of the organization by fostering a culture of disruption through free flow of knowledge. Black Swan events will occur less often if we "build robustness against negative ones that occur and be able to exploit positive ones"

Silos should disappear and each person should become not only an entrepreneur but an enterprise. The name we call ourselves as a company should become a means to identify with a community rather than a brand which the owner of livestock uses to identify their property.

I think I now realize where the word "brand" comes from now. The future enterprise will not be based on protecting the "brand" but on sustainable innovation